Combi - 22 jet Combi

Combi - 22 jet Combi

Combine the Vogue Whirlpool and the Vogue Spa and you get the Vogue Combi. The advantage is both systems are controlled from one elegant touchpad taking up less space on the rim of the bath and proves the point less is more.



6 directable body jets
2 jets for your back (individually adjustable)
2 jets for your feet (individually adjustable)
12 low-profile solid brass air jets on the base


One elegant touch pad to control both systems
A whirlpool on/off button
A whirlpool power adjustment button
A spa on/off button
Spa power adjustment button
A pulsing massage button
A bath-full reminder
Pump immobiliser
A self-cleaning programme after each spa bath, either automatic or manual mode


£ ex VAT  £ inc VAT
£1,475.00 £1,770.00



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