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Whether you  want an invigorating workout or a chill out zone, we have a product that will suit your needs. We offer a range of baths with whirlpool, spa or both, but it doesn't stop there. We can even fit a system to your choice of bath, ask your showroom for details.   

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Peace of Mind

We have been manufacturing Whirlpool and Spa systems for nearly 40 years

Our whirlpool and Spa systems are hand built and can be designed to fit perfectly into your bathroom. See our Planning Page

Designed and manufactured in the UK

Includes many unique options such as antibacterial pipework, self-draining pipework and a host of other optional extras for you to choose from

Make life Easy

We have been manufacturing Whirlpool baths for nearly 40 years. We are here to help you make the most of our product range, so if you have a question just ring for a chat or send us an email, its why we are here.

Our whirlpool and Spa baths are designed to give many years service, so we are happy to offer a 2 year parts and labour guarantee. (T&C Apply)  

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